Ice Skating in Chennai

Everyone who sees a smooth white surface of ice would like to glide on it. I do not know ice skating and if I fall down, will I get hurt? Will i get wet? Do not worry no one will get wet or hurt. One need not think of Swiss mountains to have a go at Ice skating, we have it here in Chennai.

Chennai’s first indoor ice  skating rink is at Pandora Entertainment , Ampa Skywalk Mall, Nelson Manikkam Road. It is made of imported sythetic ice which is not real ice. The temperature inside the rink is maintained at around 6 degree. It is a spacious rink enough for spiralling spinning skaters with 1,400 square feet. It has mirrored walls with wonderful blue lights.

“This rink is the first of its kind in Tamil Nadu. It’s eco-friendly. We do not use water and it doesn’t even require electricity,” says Mayakrishnan, Manager Operation. Technically, the surface looks like ice, but it isn’t. “It’s synthetic ice. This is what that the National Hockey League uses to practise on,” he adds. Kids gleefully whiz across the white bed of ice, spinning, spiralling and playing to the gallery.

Necessary skating gears like helmet etc are provided in the rink. Trainers help beginners to learn ice skating. Children of all ages and adult enjoy the skating on ice. A trainer points out that people can learn to skate in a day. About 8 out of 10 people who visit there are novices.

Rates: Rs. 200 for half an hour and Rs. 300 for one hour. Apart from this, they have packages too.

Ampa Skywalk Mall, Nelson Manikkam Road is very popular. It can be reached by local bus, car and local train to Nungambakkam and auto from the station to the mall.

Ampa Skywalk Mall
No:1, Nelson Manickam Road,
627, Poonamalee High Road,
Chennai – 600 029.

Tel : 044-30249494
Email :

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  1. ayyyo…i missed this one..i was there at chennai for an year after ampa mall opened..but never heard of this..wil try for sure nxt time wen am thr..and thanks for subscribing to my page

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