A Place for Learning Art and Doing Something Creative at Velachery

If you are searching for an avenue to de-stress yourself… If you are looking for learning something which you always wanted to… If you are looking at making yourself fitter mentally and physically… If you are looking for giving your child an opportunity to do something else apart from studies.. you are in the right place!

Let’s do something is an initiative by someone just like you, to bring that rainbow into our lives through music, painting, dance, fitness, therapeutic yoga and above all fun!! And all under a single roof!! A place for children, teenagers and adults .. Separate timings and batches

Exploring the potential within kids

The need for holistic education is evident throughout our culture, mythology and science. Studies have proven that exposing our children to a variety of things helps them explore the lighter side of things. In a recent study of Nobel Laureates, it was found that the Nobelists were highly accomplished outside the lab. More than half had at least one artistic vocation, and almost all had an enduring hobby, from chess to insect collecting. One-quarter of the Nobel laureates were musicians, and 18 percent practiced visual arts such as drawing or painting. Hobbies and imagination help foster professional breakthroughs as well. Your children may or may not unlock the origins of the universe, but through LDS you give them an opportunity to see the world in a different way.

Also, the theory of Multiple Intelligence believes that only by exposing the children to different ways of expressing themselves, can one really know the true potential. At LDS we are striving to bring together this science so that with a 6 weeks program on various activities along with cooperation from parents and a child psychologist, we try to find out the activities that the child will most enjoy.

A place for unleashing the creative self for adults

As the name goes, Let(u)s do something in our free time. That was the thought behind the place.

Creative arts like music, painting, sketching, pottery and dance are a relaxant to the pent-up mind in this fast-pace life of the corporate world. We all need a place to take out some time and indulge in activities we like. LDS is willing to take your suggestions and organize the events / activities that you would like. After all that’s the idea LDS started with.

LDS tries to bring it all under one roof so that adults and kids, everybody alike will get to spend time with their like-minded people and discover their ‘self’. LDS likes to call it collective learning.

For parents

LDS has a children’s play area where children can have a good time with books, board games, clay and cushions while you engage in the activities you like.

Lets do Something(LDS) is located at a vantage point, right at the center of Velachery. It’s easily accessible via public and private modes of transport.

A total of 2600sq ft., the center has 3 ample spaced studios, a kids play area, a mini kitchen, changing rooms and toilets. The center has been built to contemporary tastes with clean, simplistic and safe interiors. Check out the Gallery for snaps of LDS center.

Alive – Alive is a completely air-conditioned dance studio with a full size mirror on one side and open glass panes on the other.
Colours – The Arts and Crafts hub – is a cozy place to let your creative thoughts and ideas flow. Given its vibrant nature sets off everyone’s mood to be creative and expressive.
Rhythm – The music room – Used for vocal practice and instrumental music the place seems so apt for a factory of fusion music.

Child’s Play – A children’s play area where your children can have a good time with books, board games, clay and cushions while you engage in the activities you like.

Lets Do Something
41, Sarathy Nagar, Velachery, Chennai – 600042
Ph no: +91-44-45014350 +91-90428 06148
Email: curious@letsdosomething.in

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