What Can You Give To Save A Life?

What can you give to save a life? Indian Rupees 20 which is less than half a $ .  Rupees twenty to save a life triggered an interest in me and made me go for the details. A noble initiative, Cancer Institute (WIA) Adyar Chennai has requested all to donate for a campaign to help in treatment of the less privileged cancer patients at the hospital. They have planned to collect Rupees 200 million. For further details, please read on.

Adyar Cancer Institute is a cancer specialty hospital situated in the city of Chennai and was established in 1954.

The Institute has a hospital, a research centre, a centre of preventive oncology, and a College of Oncology Sciences (a postgraduate college that conducts super-speciality courses in surgical oncology and medical oncology).

Its centre for preventive oncology has been working in conjunction with non-government organisations and government hospitals to conduct cancer screening camps and Pap smear tests at the district level and in various parts of the city.

The Institute’s hereditary cancer clinic, the first in the country, is studying the genetic factors related to the disease. The Tobacco Cessation Clinic has been helping people to fight various forms of tobacco consumption, which is the most common cause for cancer.

Annually, more than 95,000 to 100,000 patients from all parts of India visit the hospital; hardly 0.5% of whom are covered by health insurance. In fact, only 15–20% of the population can afford treatment at private hospitals. The rest must depend on hospitals like the Adyar Cancer Institute or government hospitals, where treatment is either free or subsidised. The Institute has 423 beds, of which 297 are free. Last year alone saw nearly 100,000 patients, of whom 60% received free treatment. The number of patients coming to the hospital has increased each year. Generally, 66% of them get free or subsidised treatment.

A satellite cancer care centre of the Adyar Cancer Institute is located at Pallikaranai, which was inaugurated on February 12, 2011.

The Hospital provides Multimodal approach in the management of all cancers. It has following Divisions of Clinical Sciences:

Radiation Oncology(Linear Accelerators; IMRT; Telecobalt; Brachytherapy; Intraoperative radiotherapy; Metabolised Radioisotope treatment; Hyperthermia; Therapy simulator, 3D-treatment planning for Radiotherapy) is the one of the best equipped and best staffed Radiation centre in the whole of Asia

Surgical Oncology (including Head and Neck surgery, Skull based surgery; Breast surgery; Gynaecological surgery; Urological surgery; Limb conservation surgery; Reconstructive surgery; Gastrointestinal surgery; Thoracic surgery; NdYag Lasers; Fibreoptic endoscopy)

Medical Oncology (including Cytotoxic and Hormone therapy; Allogenic Bone marrow Transplant; High dose chemotherapy with peripheral blood stem cell rescue/ autologous marrow rescue)

Paediatric Oncology (medical, radiation and surgical) and a state of art Blood Bank (with cell separators)

and Diagnostic Services consisting of Diagnostic Radiology (including MRI, Helical Multislice CT Scanner, Helical CT scanner, Low dose Mammography unit, Ultrasound units),

Nuclear Medicine (gamma cameras, Whole Body counter, rectilinear scanners),

Immunology/Haematology (with FACScanner, Automated Hematology analyser),

Pathology (including Electron Microscopy and Clinical Pathology),

Clinical Biochemistry, Blood Bank, Cytology, Microbiology and Physiotherapy are involved in providing state of art cancer care to the Indigent population.

If you donate Rs.1000, they have something special for you. Do call them for details. A small contribution can go a big way in helping people in need.

For details contact

Donation Department or  The Chairman

Cancer Institute (WIA)
Gandhi Nagar Canal Bank Road,
Adyar, Chennai 600 020

Tel:    91 044 24910754           91 044 42054404
Email: caninst@md2.vsnl.net.in


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  1. Nice motive and thanks for bringing it to notice 😉

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