Residing in Adyar and Looking for an Art School? Check out Asha’s School of Visual Arts

Art classes are offered by professional artist. Children and adult can learn to draw and paint in these classes. Number of hours for the art lessons varies according to the levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Camps are conducted and special summer classes are also conducted. This art school is located in Padmanabha Nagar, Adyar,Chennai. Read further to know some more details and contact links.

Asha’s school of visual arts offers Art Classes for children all the year round and a specialized systematic approach to painting is offered to teen and adult. Asha’s school of visual arts not only teach how to draw and paint but become instrumental in developing and strengthening observation skills, stimulate imagination, creativity and encourage self-expression through fun-filled appropriate art activities.

Asha Amarnath, a teacher by profession studied art at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Bangalore. After completing the course she took training under the guidance of eminent artist Shri Shivanand based in Bangalore for a period of 4 years. Her works on charcoal has won her international acclaim.

She further enriched her talents by attending life drawing classes and workshops held at the Art Student League of New York . A couple of her students have won prizes in drawing competition held in their schools.

What is great about Asha’s school of visual arts course? / Why Asha’s School of Visual Arts ?

Emphasis is more on one to one interaction and allowing the student to develop his/her own style of art.

Classes are designed to cater the needs of the beginner and the novice alike.

Asha’s school of visual arts healthy environment enables the student to bring out their creativity which leads to skill development.

Class strength is restricted to less than 10 to pay individual attention.


Beginner; Intermediate; Advanced for Artists; Specialized Art Courses; Camps; Regular Classes

Asha’s School of Visual Arts

New No.108, 5th Street,
Padmanabha Nagar,
Adyar, Chennai – 600020.

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