Co-optex of Handloom Weavers’ of Tamilnadu

One of the places of Chennai where one can comfortably buy handloom fabric, silk sarees, furnishing materials, bed linen, kitchen linen and much more is Co-optex. It is a co-operative society of handloom weavers of Tamil Nadu. It has 211 retail stores all over India. It also exports hand loom products to several countries around the world successfully. In Chennai it has its main show room at Pantheon Road, Egmore. Egmore can be reached by train from all over South India, local trains reach Egmore from Tambaram and Beach railway stations. Local buses from almost all major areas reach Egmore.

The Tamilnadu Handloom Weavers’ Co-operative Society, popularly called as Co-optex, established in 1935, has a long and rich tradition in handlooms and history that dates back over 76 years, even before Indian Independence. The multi-hued Butterfly symbol is today synonymous with quality, durability and fair trade.

Behind the timelessness of tradition kept alive for so many decades, is the handloom weaver, who is the backbone of this large network of 4.13 lakhs of Handlooms in Tamilnadu of which 2.19 lakhs Handlooms are in co-operative fold, 200 showrooms and of Rs.632 crores turnover, that is Co-optex. Today, Co-optex is the No.1 Apex Handloom Co-operative Society in the country because of its talented, dedicated and devoted clan of handloom weavers from all over Tamilnadu

Silk Sarees

Co-optex silk sarees are treasured in every traditional Indian home.

Only 100% pure and natural silk is used for both warp and weft and pure golden Zari threads for borders, body, pallus and buttas woven in traditional silk center of Kancheepuram, Arni and Kumbakonam.


Today women folk favour economically price silk sarees to meet their aspirations, pure silk sarees with textured Zari. Ornamentation and product in feasible colour design texture etc., in Handloom centre of Salem, Coimbatore and Paramakudi

Household Textile Products

The Co-optex range of household Textile products include:

Bedroom Fabrics : Bed spreads, bed sheets, bed linen, pillow covers.
Furnishing Fabrics : Furnishing clothes, carpets, curtains.
Kitchen Fabrics : Kitchen linen, towels, table mats
Wearable : Dhoties, Sarees, Lungies, Suitings, Shirtings, Churidhar materials.

All products are produced by nearly 1400 primary weavers’ co-operatives spread all over Tamilnadu.

Co-optex has conducted an in-depth study of the market for these products, the consumers desires and anticipated future trends, before making available these products which have been rapidly and steadily captured a name in the market.
For Gents,

Readymade Shirts

100% cotton Plain , stripe and check designs in the name of “Classic”. 100% cotton weave effects as “Fancy”. 100% cotton in Higher quality and weave effect as “Supreme” Poly.cot Plain in white and colours as “Duro” 100% cotton Denim in Blue and Black 100% cotton perfume shirts as “Aroma” Poly.Cot Kurthas both in plain and Embroidery 100% cotton with chemical process as “Marble” 100% cotton Jeans in running lengths to suit for pants.

Co-optex international

The latest and the hottest hand woven home furnishing styles that are setting the fashion streets of Europe on fire are here. From the little hamlets of Tamilnadu, India, Co-optex – the name that has preserved and protected the art of over 3 lakh traditional handloom weavers, whose trained hands have cast a magical spell on homes across the world by bringing trendy and superior quality home furnishing ideas.

Co-optex has played a pioneering role in organising and promoting handloom industry since its establishment in 1935. To-day Co-optex has emerged as no. 1 Apex Handloom Co-operative Society in India thanks to the talented, dedicated and devoted clan of handloom weavers of Tamilnadu.

Co-optex International has been exporting home textiles to Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, Greece, Hong Kong, U.K. South Africa and U.A.E. for the past 3 decades. Its wide product range includes Bed spread, Table Cloth, Tea towels Furnishing Fabrics Placemats, Napkins, Curtains, Cushion Covers, Runner, Terry Towels, Kitchen Co-ordinates etc.,

Social Responsibility and Eco-friendly

Co-optex has strict rules to avoid child labour in operations. And it is proud of the fact that being in an area of human artistry employing skilled handwork, its work is eco-friendly and uses only AZO free chemicals.

Discover at Co-optex a rich tapestry of colours, designs, weaves, textures, and the many shapes and forms which are beautifying homes and showrooms around the world. Discover the irresistible lure of this most exciting fabric: The Indian handlooms.


The Tamilnadu Handloom Weavers’ Co-operative Society Limited

350, Pantheon Road, Egmore,Chennai – 600 008

0091-44-28193102,   0091-44-28193112,

0091-44-28193371,   0091-44-28192284

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