Starting the Day with Negativity in Hidden Form

I know at the offset of this hub, this post is going to be more a rant than an article. I was perturbed by this attitude and the tendency of the media to harbor on negative news for long. I begin to contemplate this every morning when I do a quick scan of the day’s news.

My day opens with the newspaper and the news I read succeeds in triggering my negative emotions and leaves me with feelings of anguish, fear, anger, anxiety ET al. Am I alone ?

Let us try this out. Open any of the site and come back to me with news that is inspiring and instills a feeling of confidence and the feeling of ‘all is well’. Oh yes, I forgot about the Sports columns, but there is a catch in it too. The chances of a good news is bright if the celebrity figure or team has won the game. Oh what if the team has lost? Needless to say, it is the news of the loss that stares at us there too.

Let us understand this. Isn’t there a winning news in it too? Why is it bypassed? Are we looking at the glass half empty when the same can be described as half full?

Is this a right way to start a day when we look forward to success in career, happiness in family and overall a good and positive turn of events as the day proceeds.

Is it that we have only negativity in everything happening in this world? if we browse around, we see that there are achievements, innovations, success stories, social campaigns, news of great entrepreneurship, good governance, winners emerging in every industry be it social, business, or personal.

Why is it that we hardly hear about these news? Is it that negative emotions hold out longer and create a deeper impact on us? Is it that the media believes its readers are more interested in such news?

On a conclusion note, if the negative news item spells trouble for the subject in question and succeeds in instilling a feeling of authority in the readers, I feel it attributes to the success of the mighty pen power and the people.

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  1. Hmm, you are not the only one! Even I feel the same .. and when it comes to television news, its all about political parties..but couldnt find any inspiring story in the early morning!
    I wish, media comes with an idea .. 🙂

    We can only discuss here, we cannot change the ways going there, unless we are from the same media 😀

    Hope, you are filled with inspiration .. ^_^
    Happy December!


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