Buying Jeans ? Know your Body Shape First

Jeans form a vital part of any girl wardrobe. However, finding a good pair is a painstaking process. After several trials, most people tend to give up and settle on a not-so-perfect pair. Here’s a guide from image consultant Amrita Samant in Chennai on how to pick the right pair of denims for your body shape.

Understand your body shape

The first step would be to understand your body shape – pear shaped (heavy around your torso region), apple shaped (heavy around your hip region) or linear shaped (proportionally slim throughout).

If you are pear shaped, you could go for straight fits or skinny jeans (gives the most slimming look especially in colors such as dark blue and black). Avoid wearing boot-cut fits (they run loose through the leg and flare out at the bottom), flared leg jeans (they have a wider and more flared opening than boot cut jeans) as they tend to make your entire lower half look wider than normal. Pay attention to the rise (distance between the bottom of the zipper to the button at the waist). Avoid low rise jeans as they tend to sit 3 inches below your belly button and bring attention to your waist and hips.

Those with an apple-shaped body, can go for almost any type of denim fits. However, pay careful attention to the rise. Avoid low rise at all costs, as it does not provide any support to your lower abdomen, thus causing it to look bigger. A key element for this body type would be to balance your jeans with volume on top. With flared/loose fit jeans, choose tops that define your torso decently. With skinny jeans/straight fits, disguise heavy torsos with belted-tunics.

The linear-shaped body a.k.a the hour glass figure is well treated with a variety of options. All fits look good on this body shape. However, it is important to accentuate your curves right. Skinny jeans have been in vogue for a long time now and will continue to stay for a while. Try an edgy Goth look with ultimate low-rise to show off that figure. Do not wear baggy fit jeans with loose tops/tunics which result in a barrel-shaped figure.

If you are too thin on your legs, do not choose super skinny jeans. Instead, go for the kinder, straight-leg cut (which normally has a 9” opening at the bottom) to add some volume to your legs.


• It always helps to go jean-shopping with a companion for second opinions.
• If you have thick calves, slip into knee-length boots to add the oomph factor.
• For those who are heavy on their hips and thighs, choose darker colors and add an illusion of length to your legs by wearing heels and pointed toe-shoes.
• Ensure your gape (the space between your body and the back waist of your jeans) is tightened as soon as you make your purchase. The gape may differ among body-shapes. This normally occurs because our rear is curved while the rear of the jeans is not curved.
• Jeggings, the new denim-looking leggings are a must-have especially for the warm summers as they are a lycra-cotton mix and are very light on your skin. However it’s important to learn to team the right clothing with jeggings. Tunics, long tops go great with jeggings with heels and gladiators. Do NOT tuck in your tops into jeggings as you would with a pair of jeans.
• While buying denims, you might want to see the material mix. Italian denims tend to have more Lycra mixed to give a skin-tight fit. These are a good option for party wear but also tend to stretch out soon.
• Wash your jeans regularly. Do not iron your jeans as the heat causes it to expand in size thus making it loose.
• For those who are pear-shaped, avoid back-pockets/bling on your rear of your jeans as it tends to emphasize that region. Also, during trial, take a look at the back of your knees to check for folds which may occur mainly in pear-shaped women.

The most important rule while buying jeans is to BE PATIENT. Multiple trials are the only way to find a great pair of jeans.

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  1. awesome article, i find that joe’s jeans are my go-to for a perfect fit

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