Musical Instruments, a Major Craft of Tamilnadu

Music and dance played an important role in the life of Tamil Nadu. Thus, the making of musical instruments became a major craft, here. Most of the centers for this craft are situated around Thanjavur, which is also the hometown of many famous musicians of the country.

According to the Tamil classic, the Silappadikaaram, there’s an ancient Tamil instrument, the wooden Yaazh in the shape of boats, fishes, and crocodiles, which is similar to the harp or lute. This instrument has been replaced by the more versatile Veena, made of Jackwood. This is Saraswathi Veena ( which is different from Rudhra Veena)

The various parts of this instrument are the kudam (pot), top plank, neck and yaali. These are first assembled and a mixture of honey wax and black powder is applied to the top plank. Then it is further processed for completion. In Thanjavur, there are families that are into the trade of manufacturing Veenas for generations. Other musical instruments are the Thamburas with their wooden bases, the flute or kuzhal, a wind instrument associated with Lord Krishna. It is popularly known as Vangiyam and is made of bamboo, sandalwood, bronze, sengaali and karungaali woods.

Where to Buy Musical Instruments ?

Musee Musical

Musee Musical is the swadeshi (Indian) successor to Misquith & Co., which was a European legacy. It is a pioneer in manufacturing musical instruments and facilitating musical education in South India. Both Western and Indian musical instruments are  sold and repaired here.

Highly qualified and experienced teachers of the Musee Musical School of Music give individual attention to students where both Indian and Western music is taught. For each instrument, the classes are in separate music salons.

Musee Musical is the local centre of The Trinity College of Music, London, established in 1872. The Trinity College of Music conducts annual examinations in Western Classical music.

Musee Musical celebrated its 150 years of existence in 1992 and 100 years of holding examinations of Trinity College, London in Chennai.

The Madras Guitar Society, the only one of its kind in the country, is housed here and it presents an opportunity for guitarists to perform on stage.

Address: Musee Musical, 67, Mount Road, Chennai – 600 002. 

Phone: 852 2780, 851 6474
Fax: 858 5447.

Saptaswara Musicals

With 3,000 square feet of showroom space, Saptaswara Musicals’ claim to being India’s largest showroom for musical instruments seems justifiable. Saptaswara (which means ‘the seven musical notes’) was established byNatwar Lal, in 1979. The entire range of string, percussion, wind and electronic instruments are available. International brands like Korg, Roland and Yamahaare on display. Books, CDs and cassettes are also available.

Saptaswara Musicals prides itself on its strong after-sales service and the useful maintenance tips given to customers. The facility of home delivery, anywhere in the world, is made possible through co-ordination with an international courier. An interesting product innovation is the introduction of a portable acoustic Veena (South Indian stringed instrument) for professionals on concert tours.

Address: Saptaswara Musicals, Sri Complex, Opposite Anjaneyar Temple, 165, Royapettah High Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004. 

Phone: 499 6498
Telefax: 499 3294

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