Heritage Series : Parry’s Corner, Chennai

One of the important areas of Chennai / Madras is Parry’s corner. This area acquired the name Parry’s corner because of its land mark building of EID Parry Company. The building is the corporate headquarters of the EID Parry Company, which was named after Thomas Parry. He was the Welsh merchant who set up the EID Parry Company in 1787. This building stands today after more than 200 years.

The long, open, level area, next to seaside or riverside, where people can walk is called as Esplanade. The Esplanades became popular during the British period. Chennai also had Esplanade. The boundary of Esplanade is a heritage symbol which stands near the Parry’s building. It was built in 1773 AD.

The Madras High Court is one of the landmark buildings of Chennai. The high court is called Madras High court even today after the name change of Madras to Chennai.  The Madras High Court was built in the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture under the guidance of the famous architect Henry Irwin in the year of 1892 AD.he Madras High Court, with the High Courts of Kolkata and Mumbai, are the only three High Courts in India which were started by the British. This is arguably the second largest judicial complex in the world. This is located at NSC Bose Road diagonally opposite to Parry’s corner building.

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