Semmozhi Poonga – Botanical Garden in the Heart of Chennai

Located in  Cathedral Road, opposite to US Consulate, unlike the normal parks, there are a lot of special plants and trees kept in this Semmozhi Poonga. Some of these plants have been imported, especially the Chinese Bonsai plants (which are around 45 years old). There is also a type of banyan tree called Ficus which has been imported from China. There are also orchids from Thailand, Vitas trees that can drive away mosquitoes, Victoria Cruciana with huge leaves, Nephenthes which can suck insects, Golden barrel Cacti, etc.

There are a variety of trees here from pine to bamboo (15 types). Wonder how they got all of them in such a short time! It seems even the materials used for construction/ roofs etc, are mostly designed using tree products. Another big attraction here are the water fountains. The below water fountain kept changing its forms and I randomly clicked one of them. Even the smaller water fountains are beautifully arranged.

he Semmozhi Poonga on Cathedral Road  is now open to public for Walking from Wednesday between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Otherwise the park time 10 a.m. to  8 p.m.

According to a release from Horticulture department ,the entry fee has been fixed as Rs.5 per person. Free entry will be available for children aged below 10 and for persons with disability. There is an open auditorium in the Poonga, which is available on hire, to organise functions for Rs.15, 000 per day.

Parking charges at the poonga for the first three hours would be Rs.5, Rs.10 and Rs.25 for two-wheelers, cars and vans, respectively. For every subsequent hour, parking charges for van would be Rs.25, while for cars and two-wheelers, Rs.5.

Eatables and plastics free will not be allowed inside the poonga.

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  1. Is botanical garden open today. … 14th April 2016

  2. Very badly maintained. Water lake is stagnated. Bamboo tree fell in Lake. Plastic bottles in stagnated water. Not at all clean. Kindly maintain👎.🙏🙏🙋

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