Hot Breads – Fine Dining Bakery-café

Baked goodies are of high quality at Hot Breads, bakery and cafe. They have plenty of items to satisfy every one. Tasty fresh cream pastries, croissants, puffs, breads and buns and several more items which tastes better. Hot Breads are located in all major areas of Chennai, location addresses are provided at the bottom.

B & M Hot Breads Is a unique bakery-café started in Chennai, with the desire for mouth-watering pastries. We quickly established ourselves with delightfully tasting pastries, among which, is the now famous ‘black forest pastry’. These pastries also come in other flavors such as ‘pineapple’, ‘butterscotch’ and ‘Strawberry’. These have quickly become customer favorites. Word rapidly spread across town and ultimately people were raving about the wonderfully moist and delicious fresh cream layered pastries. A dedicated following of customers came daily for our oven-fresh baked variety Breads, croissants, puffs and buns. These croissants and puffs are stuffed with tasty fillings like chicken tikka, chicken curry, potatoes, vegetable curry and paneer cheese. We also serve sugar free cookies for our health conscious customers.

With a strong following of satisfied customers, B & M Hot breads is more than just a familiar name to customers, as many folks from all backgrounds have come to enjoy our wide range of products and snacks. B & M Hot Breads has many treats to please your palette. Our goal is to deliver the best ‘comfort food’ to customers. It will bring a smile upon your face and a taste so simple, yet unforgettable. When it comes to baking, our bakers are dedicated to the highest standards of quality, delivering freshly made products from scratch in our kitchen on premises. Our professional bakers and confectioners are skilled in the art of baking and decorating and bring you exquisite designed cakes to match every occasion, whether it’s a wedding or a birthday celebration. Our staff begins their day early in the wee hours of the morning, preparing fresh croissants, puffs, buns and cakes at sunrise. We’re serving freshly baked products together with unique tasting coffee and warm hearty tea beverages. The aroma and taste speaks for itself. At B & M Hot breads, time stands still when you are enjoying our treats, except for our staff who are working continuously to make your experience at our bakery-Pastries an unforgettable one.

Mexican Don Pepe has been around for the last 13 years catering to our Mexican taste and ruling the Mexican food scene in Chennai. Little has changed with the popular Mexican menu but there are additions on the Pasta and Soup which might be worth trying out and special moktail like Margarita is talk of the town. Customers sip on the frozen Margarita while they wait for the starters like Nacho’s or Quesadillas.

Nacho’s is a corn based triangular cut of corn chips which is topped with customers choice of filling like veg or non veg to make them delight. If they like to go for the starters like Quesadillas it’s a cheese & vegetable stuffed with flour. We know they can’t stop with the Nacho’s and Quesadillas so definitely they go for the Main Course like Fajitas or Chimi Changas.

Fajitas are grilled veg or non veg served in a sizzler plate. Chimi Changas are golden flaky fried flour Tortillas & topped with melted cheese. Finally, our customers try out for desserts like Brownie, Strawberry Cheese Cake topped with ice creams. We, however, stuck to the good old Burritos and Tacos to check if the food still measured up.

Overlooking the busy streets, the restaurant affords a view of the traffic flow. Try to get a table by the window if you like street gazing. Little scenes of Mexican life add that festive touch the open kitchen means that you can actually see how your food is prepared. Majority of the guests are regular and are well- versed with the names and ingredients, when they order ‘Enchiladas’, they know they are getting a rolled soft Tortilla with cheese, vegetable or chicken topped with Enchilada sauce. They also know that they have to roll the Tortilla when they ask for ‘Fajitas’. As for the new guests, We encourage them to interact with the kitchen. “Probably that’s why Don Pepe has an open kitchen, from where chef can materialize at any table at the snap of finger.

B & M Hot Breads Pvt. Ltd.

Adyar Office

# 25, 2nd Main Road, Gandhi Nagar,

Adyar, Chennai 600 020


Phone: +91.44.2442.4705


To know about various locations of Hot Breads outlets Click Here

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