Bed and Breakfast Home Stay at Tamilnadu

Visitors to Chennai can stay at homes with Bed and Breakfast facility. These homes provide clean accomodation and homely atmosphere. Bed and Breakfast facility is available in various cities and town of Tamilnadu. Many visitors prefer to stay at these facilities and become good friends with the home owners when they leave.

Tamil Nadu is being promoted as an enchanting destination for holidaying in southern India and tourism is a major contributor to the State’s economy. More than 25 million domestic tourists and 1.8 million foreign tourists visit the State every year. Statistics show that 30% of the foreign tourists visiting India also visit Tamil Nadu. Recognized with three National Tourism Awards for the year 2006 – 2007, the Tamil Nadu Tourism is keen on implementing innovative strategies to improve the Tourism growth of the State.

“Bed and Breakfast” (Home stay) scheme is formulated to encourage the locals to participate in the scheme and also increasing the room capacity in the State.

A seminar was conducted at six places in Tamil Nadu to implement this scheme. After conducting inspection of the houses Tourism Department has short listed Seventy seven (77) Bed and Breakfast service providers from various Districts of Tamil Nadu for the benefit of tourists. Another list will be added on completion of inspection procedure.

Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation has all the details.

List of places of Bread and Breakfast Home stay

Tamil Nadu Tourism Complex

No.2, Wallajah Road, Chennai – 600 002.

E-Mail Id

Phone Number:-044-25368358


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