Dog Training Centre

Dog owners who have to travel out of city can leave their dog at a safe place where pet dogs are taken care of. Dogs that need to be trained can be given proper training. After training pet dogs obey commands, pet dogs do not accept food from stangers and much more. After the dog comes back home will it be obey the commands of owner? Yes, the owners can learn how to make their dogs obey them. The dog training place is at Kalpakkam about 70 km ( about 44 miles) from Chennai.
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KALAVATHY  and SENTHIL KUMAR own  Shekas Dogs International. R.Senthilkumar has undergone and completed the Dog’s Training at “National Training Centre for Dogs at Border Security Force Academy ” and earlier worked at Chennai Metropolitan City Police Dog Squad’s Dog Trainer.

The training include: 1 House Manners & Obedience 2.Handling Training for children 3.Personal Guarding & Attacking (Protection Work ) 4.Narcotics & Explosives Search Training. (sniffing  work ) 5. Industrial Patrolling. 6. Farm House Security 7. Tracking . (Nose work) 8.  Hunting. 9. Guide dogs training.

Other services are: 1.Providing all types of Trainings to out station Dogs with Food & Shelter. 2.Providing Training to Chennai based Dogs with Food & Shelter when the    owner’s of Dogs were going out of station / country. 3. Providing handling Training to Dog’s owners at our premises. 4. Child handling of Dogs and to prepare them to attend the competition, dog    shows. 5. Swimming Training to dogs from outstation & at Chennai based Dogs. 6. Independant Kennel facility to each Dogs at our premises with proper air,    ventilation and hygienic standards.

Shekas Dogs International sells dogs of various breeds.

Be sure to inform them that you found this information on Chennai Focus.

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Shekas Dogs International


Masoothi street .Uyalli kuppam village. Kalpakkam post.

Kanchi puram district.

Pin code–603102

Tamil Nadu, India .


Mobile: 9884009869.

9884409869, 9962239864.

Email :,


#3/432,Pandian Salai, Ist Street ,

Neelankarai, Chennai-600041.

Tamil Nadu , India .

Tel :91-044- 2449 3460

Mobile : 9884009869, 9884409869, 9962239864.

Email :,

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  1. I love your site, i really like reading your articles, good luck in the future.

  2. I have few questions i would i like to be replied too. Actully i already own a lhasapso. I would like a strong strdey garud dog. Its just me ad my grandmother living alone at home. After i get my new puppy i want to get to it trained to gaurd the house. Pls let me know a suitable bread of dog and wat kind of dog can b trained best.

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