31st Natya Kala Conference by Shanta Dhananjayan

31st NATYA KALA CONFERENCE convened by Shanta Dhananjayan dedicated to the memory of two centenaries: Vadivelu ( bi-centenary of one of the Tanjavoor Quartets) and centenary of Vazhuvoor Ramayya Pillai. The conference ( NKC-2011) will be inaugurated on 26th December at 9am. This year also the NKC will focus on the ABHYAASA SAMPRADAYA of known and not so well known traditions of Bhaarateeya naatya sampradaaya. 

The schedule is listed here

Natya Kala Conference  – Evening Concerts:

26 December 2011. 07.30pm  Yakshagana/Shivananda Hegde

27 December 2011. 07.30pm Manipuri/JNMDA, Imphal

28 December 2011. 07.30pm Mohiniattam/Kalamandalam

29 December 2011. 07.30pm Koodiyattam/Kutiyattam Kendra

30 December 2011. 07.30pm Sattriya/Sattriya Kendra

30 December 2011. 08.30pm Chhau/Shashadhar Acharya

30 December 2011. 07.30pm Sattriya/Sattriya Kendra

These are ticketed shows.


Visit: naatyakalaconference.com


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