Beautiful Hyderabadi Bangles in Chennai

Every woman owning Hyderabadi bangles treasures it. If you love bangles and have a collection of them, it is not complete without Hyderabadi bangles. What is so special about them and where do we get it in Chennai?

Hyderabad, ‘The city of pearls’ is famed for its enchanting pearls, beautiful poetry, delicious cuisine and the much in vogue Hyderabadi Bangles. With their adorable Chan Chan, appealing colors and ethnic patterns bangles have become a fashion statement for today’s women. Gracefully adapting it with the modern trends this versatile traditional ornament is a fashion accessory enhancing aesthetic beauty.Bangles are not just a decoration for a women but is a beauty in itself.

The most famous is the Hyderabadi Lacquered Bangles. Shellac or lac bangles are the most popular lacquerware that are native to Etikoppaka of Andhra Pradesh. Dazzling Shellac bangles, often studded with glass gems, spirals of base-metal wire amid a wavy striping of other colours form a major attraction to the shoppers at Hyderabad.

Smooth wooden bangles are made of light coloured Ankudu Karra. They are held on a hand or machine operated lathe and lac is applied on them in dry state while turning. However, hand-lathe is preferred for the delicate designs. The lac stick pressed against the wooden ware softens due to the heat produced from the friction and sticks to the bangles. Fine designs are then painted with a brush after the bangles are studded with the gems, beads, stones or mirrors to create catchy designs. The grade of the glass or gems used determine the quality and price of the bangles.

If you are looking for hyderabadi bangles in Chennai, Check out

Dreams Come True

Prince Plaza, Egmore,


Dreams Come True have 8 showrooms exclusively for bangles! They have bangles from different states, glass bangles from Delhi, Mirror work bangles from Calcutta, Stone work bangles made out of mud from Hyderabad, Joodas from Bengal and Ahmedabad, fancy bangles from Gujarat.The price begins from Rs.20 and goes on above Rs.1000


190, Fountain Plaza, Egmore


ph : 28193542

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  1. Hello,

    That was an informative read. I’m planning to buy a bangle set to my sister on her birthday. I don’t know all the varieties of bangles, but I want to buy a best set for her. I’m more interested in varieties apart from regular metal bangles.

    I hope I can find them at the store suggested by you! Thanks so much!

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