Wonderful Falooda, Ice Creams and Sandwiches

The best juice falooda sandwich outlet of bombay is also the best in chennai. If you are looking for some light snacks, then this is the ideal place.

Clean tables and good food provide a quick bite for those in a hurry. The sandwiches are really good and don’t miss the Falooda and fruit creams. They are tasty and filling and the best part is that there is no milk used in these fruit creams. Their Dry Fruit Kesar Cream and Haji Ali Special Sandwich are other popular items. The last time i went i had a dry fruit falooda and a lychee cream. The falooda is the best in town and also the lychee cream was really good. It is really filling and great. seethaphal cream is special here. Bachelors, call centre and IT workers who work late hours usually troop into this place after the bewitching midnight hour.It may not be suitable for lunch or dinner, it is good for light eats of the evening.

Haji Ali Juice Centre

65B, Murugesa Naikar Complex, Greames Road, Chennai, 600006

Land Line: 044 28292220

The other place for a delightful falooda is SNOFIELD pub, opposite to Music Academy, in the same complex as the Palki restaurant.

Source: TimesCity

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