Urban Horticulture Development Centre, Chennai

Urban Horticulture Development Centre was established at Chennai to serve as an information center for hi-tech horticulture technology and conduct training programs at chennai.

Objective of Urban Horticulture Development Centre is to serve as an information centre for hi-tech horticulture technology; To develop a hi-tech horticulture nursery, supply of quality plant material, tissue culture plants, seeds of vegetables, flowers and herbs, ornamental plants, tree seedlings etc.; To impart training programmes on hi-tech horticulture to urban entrepreneurs, unemployed graduates, students, NGOs, corporates, house wives etc.; To inculcate knowledge on development of horti-ecological parks, avenues, greenery, theme parks, botanical gardens, herbal parks, landscaping etc. to reduce pollution and ecological hazards in the city; Formulation of hi-tech horticultural projects, providing technological assistance to new entrepreneurs for promoting the horticulture industry.; Providing consultancy on landscaping, terrace garden, herbal and aromatic garden, production of edible mushroom, floral arrangement, dry flower production, establishment of fruit processing plant, vegetable dehydration units, essential oil extraction units, phytochemical extraction unit, preparation of eco-friendly biocompost, biofertilizers, stablishment of hi-tech floricultural units under controlled conditions. And to create a database on horticultural market information system

 Current Activites

 Hi-tech nursery

Elite horticultural plant material have been made available for sales through the hi-tech nursery. Seeds of improved varieties of vegetables, flowers, spices, medicinal and aromatic plants are now being sold through the counter.

 Plant Advisory Cell

Problems oriented in horticulture are now attended and solutions are offered.


Monthly training schedule has been developed for imparting training various subjects as listed.

Urban Horticulture Development Center

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

New No.P44 (old no.37), 6th Avenue

Annanagar, Chennai- 600 040

Phone: 044-26263484/ Fax : 044- 26263484

e.mail : chennai@tnau.ac.in

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  1. Very informative blog. I am planning to visit Avadi, So please writ some thing about Avadi where one can visit.

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