A Place for Learning the Sport of Sailing

Tamil Nadu Sailing Association is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-sectarian association based in Chennai, India and its aim is to foster, encourage and train people in the sport of Sailing and allied Water Sports. The objective also includes building fraternal relations with other Yacht Clubs and Sailing Association in India and abroad.

An Institution that promotes the Sport of Sailing

As an adventure sport, sailing is a fast gaining a following in this part of the world. It is in the very basic nature of all of us to seek recreation and to test our physical capabilities if only to gratify our very sense of existence. For total physical and mental gratification it is a sport that is like no other. To ride the waves is a heady feeling that all sailors remember with a special longing. An exercise where the forces of nature – the wind and water, challenge human skill and endurance for mastery over a boat, this environment-friendly adventure sport is the very metaphor for the complexities of life.

To promote this adventurous sport a group of leading businessmen, professionals and sailors has put together for the aspiring public, a sailing Association where sailing is affordable and full of fun and activity.

The objectives of this Association are:

To foster, encourage and train people in the sport of Yachting and Allied Water Sports in and around the State of Tamil Nadu.

To foster fraternal relations with other Yacht Associations or Sailing Clubs/Associations in India and/or abroad.

To maintain cordial relations with the Port Authorities, Indian Navy, Coast Guard and the Tamil Nadu State authorities at all times so as to achieve smooth functioning of our objective.

To make available the facilities and train people in the sport of sailing irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex etc., and to broad-base the sport by keeping it inexpensive and making it available to children of all economic strata of society.

To arrange and conduct Yearly Boat Races and organize Annual Sailing Programs.

To make suitable representations to the Central and State Governments to promote yachting and allied sports.


A cosy Premises of around 2000sqft in the Port of Chennai called the Timber Pond Area The place where sailing as a sport began almost 100 yrs ago in Chennai. The premises has a lovely quaint rustic porch that overlooks the waterfront.

A covered boat shed for stowage of boats.

Almost adjacent is a small slipway to the east and a large slipway and warf to the north which is used when national event are conducted.

The premises is perched in the Calm Boat Basin for smooth launching, and ideal for beginners to learn the ropes

Boats available:

Forty Eight Optimist boats – for sailors up 15 years;  Twelve Laser boats – an Olympic Class for ages above fourteen;  Six Enterprises boats – a double handed class for senior Sailors;    Five Cadets class boats – for sailors from 15 to 17 years;

3 Ocean going Maxis 26′ keel boats (privately owned);  1 Motor Yacht Riviera Express 48′ (privately owned);    1 Motor Yacht Larson Cabrio 310 – 31′ (privately owned);

I Jet Ski Sea Doo 155 (privately owned);  1 Kayak Sea Doo (privately owned);  6 Rescue Launches with Outboard Motors; 1 Gemini with Outboard Motor.

Be sure to inform them that you found this information on Chennai Focus.

Association Premesis

Timber Pond Area

Port of Chennai,  Gate No: 7, Chennai – 600001.

Office for correspondence

Mr. Antony (Manager)

Tamil Nadu Sailing Association

# 57, Arathoon Road, Royapuram, Chennai – 600 013. India.

Telephone: +91-44-2538 2253

Mobile Phone: +91-98406 85058

Email:  info@tnsa.in



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