Radio Controlled Cars and Airplanes

Many of us would have seen people fly a model airplane, helicopter or race a car with radio control on open grounds or parks. It is a wonderful hobby for adults as much as youngsters.

Ask any man he would certainly agree that he operates the RC car or plane much more than his son. But most persons who have interest are not aware where to buy the cars and airplane and how to proceed further.

The radio controlled cars (RC cars) and airplanes use motors operated with battery pack. Person who operates the RC car hold a transmitter and operates the vehicle which controls the wheels of the cars and flaps of the airplane, helicopter. There are various models of RC vehicles available in the market which may vary is several aspects. But RC cars and planes are operated with a transmitter held by the user which is common with all the vehicles.

Chennai have several stores selling RC cars and airplanes. People in Chennai can visit the stores and buy the cars or airplane of their choice.Now persons who are away from Chennai can also buy these products from online shop. Now it is easy even for beginners to buy online. The products are shipped from Chennai.

Be sure to inform them that you found this information on Chennai Focus.

Visit: Rotor Sport & Hobby Pvt. Ltd. 

T35, Stonedge Towers, 17, First Avenue, Ashok Nagar,

Chennai-600 083 INDIA.

TEL: (44) 43054321

Fax: (44) 24745817


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  1. I am following your blog regularly and got great information.

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