Zoological Park Vandalur Chennai

Chennai has the distinction of having the first zoo in India, created in 1855. This was shifted from the then Madras City to Vandalur Reserve Forest and a modern Zoological Park was established in 1979 by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department. Spread over 510 ha. of dry evergreen forests with gentle undulating terrain, the specially created open wet and dry island type enclosures with hidden walls and simulated natural environment help the animals, birds and reptiles to feel their natural environment. Chimpanzee, the nearest ancestor to human beings, keeps you busy for a while.

By Road: 32 KM. from Chennai city,  Nearest Railway station is Vandalur – 1 KM,   Tambaram Railway Station – 6 KM,   Nearest Airport – Meenambakkam – 15 KM

Opens daily from 9. am. to 5 p.m except Tuesdays, Battery vehicles are available for the public, Private vehicles are not allowed inside.

Bicycles are available for hire inside the zoo. Be prepared to walk a lot as the zoo is spread over vast area. Tree lined and paved roads, path are convenient for long treks inside the zoo, and visitors can easily walk 15–20 kilometres (9.3 to 12.4 miles).

There are two restaurants and coffee shops inside the zoo. Visitors generally come in the morning with children and spend time resting in between and return back in the evening.

Our specialities include:
Safari Parks for Lion and Deer, Reptile House, Nocturnal animal house, Aquarium, Childrens park, Walk through aviaries, Prey-predator concept enclosures (Tiger – Sambar), Jurassic Park, Elephant joy ride, Battery operated vehicles, Education centre

Safari Parks for Lion  is a very good opportunity to see lions moving freely from inside of a protected van. Vans for lion safari starts on regular interval of time. During holidays the safari books ticket well in advance. Visitors can enquire about this inside the zoo. Visitors can take their  camera, camcorder. It is better to keep the cameras on and ready to capture the wonderful lions.

Some of the interesting aspects of the Park are:

Feeling and moving freely in the simulated natural environment, lions welcome you to enjoy the thrill of their nearness in the Safari.
Live size models of Prehistoric animals at Pre historic animal park of A.A.Z.P remind you of the Jurassic park
Highly threatened in their natural habitat Asian Elephants have the biggest enclosure in the park for their free movement
A prized and colourful species Rosy pelican can be seen in all seasons at the walk through aviary
Zebras mother and daughter communicating in their own way
Highly endangered and endemic to the Western ghats the Lion tailed macaque is breeding well in captivity
Sitting in the nest with their guests – Painted storks
Llama A relative of Camel from South America one of the rare species in Indian zone
Highly endangered and endemic to Himalayan region Himalayan Black Bear adapted well to its new environment
The AAZP is also actively involved in spreading environmental education. Informative board on Pollution threats.
Not only learning about the wild animals, your children have a nice time at Children’s park AAZP
I am happy herewith my family Hippopotamus native of Africa breeding well in captivity at AAZP
Prey predator concept. A simulation of Tiger-Sambar co-existence although they are not

Arignar Anna Zoological Park,
Vandalur, Chennai – 600 048
Ph: 044-2376089,  044-2376741

Courtesy:  Arignar Anna Zoological Park

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