Science and Technology Centre, Chennai

Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre was established by the Government of Tamilnadu in the year1983,registered under the Tamilnadu Societies Registration Act 1975, with the main objective of popularizing science and technology among the people in general and students in particular.
Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre has been rendering excellent educational services throughout Tamilnadu by conducting various educational and extension activities.

Realising the important role and the commitment in the society, the centre has been approaching various educational institutions, research organizations, philanthropists, government departments and       other establishments to get sponsors and donation of exhibits for the permanent display in the existing galleries , conducting extension activities and other development programmes.

The Planetarium is considered in the modern world as an Indoor – Universe. The Planetarium has  provisions to execute diurnal, annual, latitudinal and precessional motions. The special effect projectors inside the Planetarium recreate some of the most awe-inspiring astronomical phenomena on the specially perforated aluminium inner  dome. Multi-dimensional activities and multimedia projection arrangements which have been incorporated inside the sky theatre make the programme further lively and excited one. The Planetarium, which is fully computerised, can seat 236 persons at a time.

From the date of inauguration of the Planetarium on May 11, 1988 by the then President of India, Planetarium has introduced so-far 35 Planetarium Programmes on the topics like Solar System, Life Cycle of Stars, Are We Alone in the Universe? Sky and Seasons, Comets, Our Universe,  Man on the Moon, The Living Planet – Earth, Our Worlds and Beyond, etc.

Science Park with interactive exhibits is a novel concept which provides a gateway to learn the basic principles of Science and Technology in a healthy, open-air and natural environment.

The Traffic Park allows the children to learn the safety measures and other  road rules and regulations. Observing automatic electronic signal systems, the children can enjoy riding toy cars  inside the traffic park .

This park comprises real gadgets to emphasize the importance of Renewable Energy Sources which is a vital input for economic and social development.

The park provides an opportunity to create an awareness on the solar energy, wind energy and bio-gas.

Go around the park and enjoy science in a non-formal way. Explore how sound and toesion waves travel, perceive depth of vision and know the time around the world.

The forest ecosystem has been created with the major constituents like land,water,plants and animals to teach the importantce of preservation of Eco system.Life like models of Lion,Tiger and Deer enchant the kids.

The real instruments pertaining to surface meteorological observations  like Thermograph, Hygrograph, Thermometers, Rain Gauge, Anemometer  and Wind-Vane are  displayed following the actual specification as laid by the Indian Meteorological Department.

Models of five lands as described in ancient Tamil literatures, namely, Kurinch, Mullai, Marudham, Neithal and Palaai has been developed. This facility along with the newly developed science park exhibits of second phase will be opened to the public shortly.

Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre
Gandhi Mandapam Road, Chennai 600 025.

Phone: 044-24410025 , 24416751 , 24915250 , 24918787
Fax: 044- 24402893


Courtesy: Tamilnadu Science and Technology Centre

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