How to be Focused on Any Task

Any task requires concentrated effort to complete it in time. Distractions are many and creep in silently without any warning. Few simple and effective techniques provided below help anyone to concentrate on any task easily.

Have your seats, lights and surroundings comfortable to help you concentrate. Some people are comfortable to sit on the bed with enough back support. But think carefully before selecting bed, for it is natural to take a ‘little’ rest in the middle which may extend a lot to hamper the work.

If you are comfortable, listen to mild instrumental music while reading a book or while concentrating on your work. If the audio is a song it may distract you to follow the words of the song.

Mentally prepare yourself to concentrate on your job at hand. Use affirmative statements and have a positive attitude. This is very important as focus is a matter of mind and attitude.

Choose the right time to work. If you are full of energy in the morning, schedule the task that needs concentration in the morning. Some people work during evenings as they find it more convenient to concentrate with ease. Some creative persons work during late in the nights with absolutely no distraction. If your work permits you to work in the night and it is comfortable for you work late nights.

Plan and write down clearly what has to be done in complete details. This provides a clear picture and the steps necessary to perform a task. It serves as a road map of your journey.

Keep the necessary books, tools and other things needed on the table you work. If all the necessary tools and accessories are within reach, any task can be performed seamlessly. If not time is wasted in running around and concentration is broken.

Break tasks in to small manageable portions and perform one after another in sequence. And set a time frame for every portion of the task. Finish the task within the time frame stipulated. This helps to focus and gives satisfaction, confidence as each portion is completed.

Self motivation helps to concentrate on any work. In case a not-so-interesting job has to be done, imagine the reward it is going to provide and keep working on. Great achievers have always done things which are boring and not so interesting.

You can set a reward for yourself to complete a task in time, like a dinner or a sunglass. This helps you to complete your task with complete concentration.

Announce what you are about to do to your family members or friends. By announcing a task prior to starting your commitment becomes firm.

 Sometimes the job is broken in to several portions and assigned to different persons. If you have any one who is doing some other portion of the task at the same time, tell him the time frame in which you are about to finish your portion of the task. Competition always brings the best in every one. That is why a good team is one which participates with lot of enthusiasm, commitment and play to win.

If a particular task requires more time, take breaks in between. But be firm not to watch a DVD or browse internet ‘only for’ ten minutes. As it is easy to get distracted for hours and not finish the task.

Concentration is all about attitude, net result, organization and confidence. Tell yourself that you are confident to finish the task. Most of the final matches of sports are won by the players who are strong in their minds. If you think you can, do it with full commitment and in time.

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