Cattle Protection by Organization of Non Violence

Founded in 1997-1998, the AHIMSAA RESEARCH FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization dedicated to practice and promote Ahimsa, Non-violence and compassion.

Cattle protection and their proper utilization in the agricultural activities, promoting and encouraging Organic farming for providing natural and poison-free food produce to people form the basis of the programs of the Foundation.

The Foundation in order to prevent the cattle from being taken to slaughterhouses, has, as one of the primary steps towards this, has fought against the opening up of new slaughterhouses and had been vociferously appealing to the authorities and the Government to put a stop to the export of meat and products.

Further, the Foundation with the help of a few NGOs, a supported Research Unit at Nagpur, and with the help of a number of Organic farmers, has proved that even the spent cattle need not be slaughtered, but use them in Agriculture, by utilizing their dung and urine for rejuvenating the soil – and by avoiding man-made synthetic chemicals the agricultural sector could create a pollution free ecological system thus ensuring peace and prosperity for the people loving co-existence with animal kingdom.

To promote this work, the Foundation has extended its researches into Organic Farming and finding ways – directly or through its supported Research units. – for the best utilization of two great invaluable products from the cow –Gau-mutra for pest control and as bio-enhancer and Gobar, which could serve as a cheap and economical fuel for household, and the gas extracted slurry for the preparation of vermi-composts in Agriculture, and as a bio-enhancing additive in Ayurvedic medicinal preparation,
thus utilizing the energy of the cattle and the animal power in all forms.

The income of the Foundation is exempted from tax.

The membership of the Foundation is through non-dividend paying shares valued at Rs.1000/- per share. The returns on these investments for the shareholders are the share of the real enriching PUNYA – from the participation in this great work of Ahimsaa – which encompasses the protection of all living beings, and ultimately the self by consuming toxins-free and natural foods. PUNYA could mean that mentally you are soothed and sustained by a clear conscience.

Ahimsa Research Foundation
40, Thirumalai Pillai Road, T. Nagar, CHENNAI 600 017
Tel: + 91 (44) 327 7133
Fax: + 91 (44) 827 7885


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