Basics of Photography Workshop 17th Dec and 18th Dec, 2011

Here is an opportunity to learn the basics of photography. Any one with interest can learn photography, no age limit is there and no qualification is required. Be sure to inform them you found this information on Chennai Focus.

  • Date: Dec 17-18th, 2011
  • Time: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Venue: Hotel Park View, Nungambakkam, Chennai


Photography can be a truly rewarding experience – one that not only beats boredom blues but also adds a spark to life by opening up our creative side. Then follow the appreciation and fan following. When this creative satisfaction is handled well and nurtured in the right direction it can become a career for a lucky few or simply a very involving hobby. In any case, it gives life a new meaning that is usually not realised through mundane desk jobs.

You could be someone who wants to be a pro in the future or simply wants to whet their creative appetite. What is important is the initial impetus to understand the jargon, the technicalities and the tricks of the trade that are hard to come by.

The Basics of Photography Workshop is aimed at beginners who have struck love with photography and are seeking professional guidance to achieve a good learning and understanding of the highly creative arena of photography. Our learned team of professional photographers forms your strong toehold to tap into the knowledge and experience that was gleaned over years of dedication and practice.

Having conducted plenty of workshops in cities like Bangalore and Pune, Toehold is now bringing this workshop to Chennai to empower enthusiasts with the knowledge and expertise of photography.


  • Your Camera and Lens or a prosumer point and shoot camera
  • Some pictures you have shot, on a pen drive or CD.


  • Amateur Photographers interested in taking photography seriously. No Age limit/ No Qualifications / No prerequisite except interest.
  • DSLR Camera users will benefit the most out of the workshop while Consumer Digital Camera users can attend the workshops as well.
  • Bringing a camera is not mandatory; it is prudent to have one to relate to the topics in question. Let us know if you don’t have a camera and we can arrange it for you.

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