Greater Love Children Home Needs Volunteers

Name: Greater love children home
Message: Dear Sir/Madam

A warm greetings to you from Greater Love children home.

We are very impressed by the chennai volunteers service to the needy. We are running an children home with 20 children in Ayanavaram for the past 5 years. We are seeking a volunteers to help us in doing accounts in the computer and to teach a vocational skill to the children. please help us regarding this matter, We will be very grateful to you.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely,

V. Vedanayagam
Managing Trustee

Reminiscences – EchoVME #UrbanTreeChennai Bloggers Meet in Chennai

urban7Blogging is my passion and being a blogger makes me happy. Connecting with fellow bloggers never came to my mind until I saw few blogger meets happening elsewhere. It seemed all fun and it made me think it would be nice to meet our Chennai bloggers in person. It was quite disappointing to see blogger meets being organized in places such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Delhi more often and Chennai not being in the radar for such events. My thoughts went to those Chennai bloggers I saw in the directory of blogger networks and started wondering if they ever met. Thanks to Manjulika Pramod, a blogger I follow in Twitter who retweeted about a Blogger Meet happening in Chennai with the link. The event was scheduled for the next day.

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Pidikarnai, the best medicine for Constipation


Pidikarnai is a root vegetable often confused with seppan kizhangu (Sticky potato), Senai Kizhangu (Elephant foot /Yam). This is a different vegetable and is known as a good medicine for people prone to constipation due to its fibrous nature and constituents. I am providing a recipe for making a Kuzhambu (gravy) out of it and this particular one is native of Tanjore cuisine passed on for generations.  I did search if there were any of this on the net and did not find it so thought it to be a suitable opportunity to present it to people interested in preparing gravy with this vegetable. Let me tell you, it tastes yummy with rice.

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Food and Nutrition, Eating the Right Way


Food and nutrition are the two topics constantly talked about in newspapers, chat shows, online discussions and in kitty parties. It is true that in the current lifestyle where gadgets rule and takeaways do booming business, this topic expresses the concern and interest in adapting our lifestyle to ensure healthy well-being. Beware! Food and nutrition is one other area which when overdone can become an obsession. I have a friend of mine who has a weighing scale at home and keeps checking it whenever she has an intake. All attributed to the concept of Zero size that made many eat (?) to hit that starved by famine look.

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Everyone Can Swing to Music and Step to Dance

When it is music and dance, it is freshness everywhere. We have therapies suggested using music and it is a subtle way to keep your throat, lungs and vocal cord intact. Talk about dance and today, a much-needed entertainment based exercise. Oxygenation depends on the exercise that a body takes and to do it by grooving to the beats is the simplest way of keeping fit. Walk to a dance floor and find one who keeps low spirit. The rhythm makes even a socially withdrawn person to shake a leg. From time immemorial, humans have been associated with music and dance and its various forms. Ultimately everything lies in how you move your body to the music you hear. I envied the North Indians many times because dance is in their culture and so they can shed the inhibitions very easily and join the fun. These people do not care if you like it or not. They dance for the sake of dancing.  It is not that dance is not in the South Indian culture, remember the Great Nataraja in his dancing pose is in Chidambaram, Tamilnadu. It must be that the south Indians, specifically the Tamils let go of this practice at some point in time. Here is a playlist of 10 of my all time musical videos.

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Cricket Watchers League, Are you in it?


Cricket, the word that unites Indians irrespective of religion, caste, and creed is more a cult than a sport. My association with Cricket goes beyond generations and the seed of Cricket was embedded right in when I was small where I used to watch my uncles walking with transistors so tightly held close to the ears and it resembled people walking with mobiles nowadays, the only difference is they were good at the art of listening while here it is a two way conversation (so it should be!). In those days, a transistor in a family was a luxury and the one who gets at it first in the morning gets to hold it through the day and it was fun seeing others trying to put their ears on it and few others walking behind waiting for a chance to grab it in case it is put down, and it never happens because it is the most prized possession.

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Experiencing Unlearning with My Child


Kids and parents are no different today. Sharing and caring is in the hands of both and with a teenage daughter, I would like to make this statement more emphatic. Coming from a traditional background and suddenly facing a situation where lifestyle changes have to be accommodated, it is not an easy task. The journey me and my daughter had together has had its fair amount of lows and highs but overall the picture is pretty when we look back at it and it is still getting its touch ups even now.

My daughter was a hyperactive kid earlier and it was pretty difficult to keep her energy under control. My friend who was also a pediatrician instructed me to divert her energy into constructive things so she learns and also utilizes her time effectively. She loved sliders and we did buy one available in the local shop meant for kids but she preferred the tall ones found in the parks where she can climb and slide longer.  It was impossible for us to get one and install it in an apartment. So with a sudden flash of idea, I bought a short rope ladder, hung it little vertically and arranged bed underneath so she does not get hurt when she falls. It was real fun to see her climb and fall and it was one thing that stood with us for long.

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World Cuisine – Interesting Home Cooked Vegetarian Food


This post is about the vegetarian options available in various cuisines which we can make at home. Surprisingly, some of them that we know by name with the assumption that they must have non vegetarian ingredient turned out to be pure vegetarian dishes. Vegans excuse. We are planning to come out with a separate post for you later. My tryst with world cuisine began with my daughter and her affinity towards international dishes. My curiosity also had a role to play as I seem to be seeing too many things in the supermarket shelf these days which I cannot relate to.

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Astute Product Marketing Strategy through Innovative Social Media Campaigns

ASUS Zenfone2 - Owners Pride

Social media has evolved from being mere contact platforms to innovative business marketing tools. It poses a greater challenge for brands to reach out and be noticed by people in a platform where it takes just few seconds for a user to get drowned in the ocean of news feed, targeted messages and advertisements. Nevertheless, it is a powerful tool and it needs sharp thinking and innovative campaigns by the marketing team to get the talk trending in social media. Trending and staying as a talked about topic is a mantra to better exposure and possible success. To keep the social media guessing and to sustain interest, celebrities are roped in by the brands to launch the product. As in the case of everything that gets overexposed, celebrity launches have also become order of the day and the hype around it subdued.

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Connect with Your Teenage Kids

Every teenager goes through Adolescence, a period of confusion trying to identify if (s)he is a kid or an adult. This is the period where (s)he requires encouragement, understanding and guidance from parents. It is not only a metamorphosis to children but also to the parents who are quite used to thinking them as kids. Most of us forget that we too had gone through the same phase those days and the way we searched for our identity. Teenagers exhibit both behaviors; parents just cannot determine when they will act as a kid or as an adult.


The best way to help them in this phase is to take the role of a friend (no advice please) and listen to them without passing judgments. Their first confidante should be the parents. I know it is easy to say but difficult to follow, but when you do, it does work wonders to you and your child psyche. It gives you an opportunity to recollect your days as a teenager and makes you youthful thinking about all those little moments of togetherness and fun with friends. This also gets you to connect with your teenager and talk to them at their level and also subtly influence them into right way of approaching life. This is one of the crucial periods where they face issues much different from what they have seen in life till date. Remember, parents do serve as a reference and many times their actions and reactions are based on the values instilled in them by the family.

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For a Change, Mobiles De-stress Not Distress

Stress and mobiles are two subjects found in common while talking with youngsters and adults these days. It is a common notion that technology has made life difficult leading to stressful situations. Mobiles once sought out to be a boon to reach out people anywhere and everywhere anytime is now seen as a disturbance. It is also true that mobiles have brought in a  24 X 7 work culture and has bypassed ethics to intrude into each others privacy at odd times. This is only one side of the story.

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A Deep Unfathomable Relationship with My Dad

It was Father’s day 2015 and social media was streaming with messages, thank you notes and memories old and new. The same time, I also saw posts on awareness about elder abuse and the need to care for our own father, mother and grandparents. Our culture roots on ‘Matha Pitha Guru Deivam’, a salient learning that every one of us does in our kindergarten to inculcate the basics of giving respect to our parents, followed by teachers first and then God. So for Indians, it is Mother’s day, Father’s day every day.

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