Book Review: Surviving by Michelle Leigh

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Surviving by Michelle Leigh is a romantic novel with few thriller elements and a generous helping of sacrifice, betrayal, friendship and more. The story begins with the childhood of Emma and her twin brother Danny and the hardships they underwent due to the earlier demise of their mother and the miserable time they have with their father.

Six years later, Emma joins as a temporary assistant in one of the most prestigious companies in the country, Alexander Marketing Corporation. She reports to the Head of the Department of Sales, Jack Stewart. This sets the story rolling and her life undergoes a change to begin a roller coaster ride.

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Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ Scores a Plus in 3 Important Areas

Think of term life insurance and we have so many options offering different permutations and combinations. We also have specific products getting launched every now and then. Buying an insurance plan is a long term decision and the first step would be to list out the priorities and choose a few of the companies and the products suitable for the requirements.There are many ways to select insurance products and one such way is checking out online insurance portals such as PolicyBazaar where important features of the products are compared for our convenience. Though the comparison lists out the benefits offered by many insurance providers, there are few important features that must be analyzed before finalizing an insurance plan.

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Chennai Female Bloggers in Nioxin Now in India Launch with BlogAdda


Chennai Focus had the pleasure of getting invited to the launch of Nioxin in Chennai, India. Chennai Bloggers were invited to the event and it was an all ladies meet. The Chennai launch was at Bounce Salon in Nungambakkam High Road, Ispahani centre.

Nioxin is the world’s #1 in providing solution to Hair thinning and seems to be holding its position for the past 13 years. There was a presentation of the product by the P&G Nioxin representative, Ms.Daisy who explained the concept behind the product. It was interesting to note that Nioxin was not aimed at instant gratification by cosmetic methods but was focused more towards improving the Scalp condition. Understandably the process of scalp revival is not an overnight process. To suit the various conditions of the scalp, there are 6 treatments available and is given based on consultation.

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New Airtel App Review – 3 Key Aspects that Stood Out


Since our move from a government owned telecom provider to Airtel for Broadband connection, we have moved all our services to Airtel. With so many services from Airtel, managing the various accounts was pretty time consuming during the initial days. We switched to the My Airtel app when it was released and found it easy to manage the services but yet service requests and few other services had glitches in communication. We would not say it was a comprehensive solution then but still it worked for us. Further as the payment landscape changed with the services of Freecharge and PayTM offering more for the buck we switched to using them for our payments. One thing though, we never ventured into Airtel Money because we still did not trust the system to allow mobile to mobile payments. Maybe it is good but we honestly did not try it till now.

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Spark Academy by Spark Labs – Looking Beyond the Local Landscape, Living Within!

BuzzooleSparkAcademyWSHP3There are always people who wonder how small companies focusing on niche segments in technology are able to make  it really big in the Silicon Valley. Well, it is true to mention there are people like Spark Labs who have made their presence felt in the facilitation of these budding businesses to be fore runners  in technology.

Spark Labs is a team of experienced professionals that have immense expertise in creating, building and handing over technology companies to worthy successors. However, they limit their clients to US and European tech companies. Spark Labs is entities with the zeal to foster innovation by helping budding tech entrepreneurs accelerate the development in the local market. This is done with their specialty services that are mainly Startup Launchpad Program, space and support infrastructure that Spark Labs call their stronghold.

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Fashion Travel: Myntra Moves From the Web to App

MyntraappMyntra is moving from Web to App only. Myntra is a Fashion platform in India catering to various age segments with quality as the motto. As a Myntra customer, Chennai Focus is happy to write this post to recommend Myntra for its true discounts and products that lived to its value in term of quality and cost.

Though this post may sound like a paid post, Chennai Focus confirms that it is not. Chennai Focus is known for its honest and genuine reviews and that is what it stands by even today. We have shopped with Myntra many times in normal times as well as in discount sale. What we loved about this brand is its commitment to keep up its words. We did return products due to size mismatch and the returns were prompt and refunds to the respective payment mode used were processed quickly and did not demand follow up calls or emails. We should say Myntra is making us impose confidence in online purchases.

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Review of Pind Vegetarian Restaurant

pind3 (2)

Chennai Focus wanted to try out a Punjabi Restaurant, Pind as we came across too any good reviews and wanted to try it out. Pind  is a pure-vegetarian Punjabi restaurant located at Velachery, Chennai.

Ambience : It looked like a Dhaba themed restaurant with the bamboo/cane chairs and tables (Moda) that you find in Dhabas. Wall Paintings signifying Country life was also seen in the place we sat. We were not happy about the lighting. It was dimly lit and we could not even read the menu card and had to take the help of our mobile torch. Much with the trend now, they have a live Mocktail counter.

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Online Grocery, Fruits and Vegetable Shopping with BigBasket.Com


Online shopping has come of age, whatever we thought would never be sold online are now in the virtual shelf. Vegetables, fruits, grocery, name it and we have a list of online businesses offering it and that too with lot of discounts, promotions, bundled offers and what not. Still, if you are the one who believes physical shopping is best, do try out these guys and I am sure you will get hooked onto it.

We came across an interesting dialog in one of the stage plays we watched recently. The name of the play was ‘ID’ directed by K.Vivekshankar. There was a youngster advising a village guy to go for online vegetable shopping and gave the merits of it. Incidentally and surprisingly, there was no reference to any online shopping site. It was interesting and hence we decided to try out online grocery shopping and fruits and vegetables from

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Book Review: Deadly Dating Games: Murder, Blackmail, Romance by Joanie Chevalier


Deadly Dating Games: Murder. Blackmail. Romance  by Joanie Chevalier mainly hovers around the theme of blackmail through a different approach. 4 Women, 4 different characteristics weave the story into an absorbing thriller. Julianna, after getting over a bitter divorce joins a book club online to get over her emotional turmoil. She is elated when she meets a girl, Bess and the two hit off instantly. Julianna also starts dating Aaron, a guy who saw her profile in a dating site.

 All things go well till the host of the book club, Traci persuades all the members to film their dates so the others could act as critics.

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Ek Nayi League, Our own Kapil Dev’s Launch – What Can IT Be?


Ek Nayi League, this is the biggest topic for Indians today. Why? Because Kapil Dev is launching it. Where? In Mumbai. When? 7th May 2015. The topic for this blog post is what could this Ek Nayi League be? We saw number of videos in which Kapil Dev invites celebrities such as Dhoni and Sania Mirza to come and get involved in the Nayi League. He also adds that if this Nayi League is played with heart, they are sure to lose it. While addressing Dhoni, Kapil Dev appreciates his effort in bringing up the Indian team putting in all his heart and soul and also reiterates that there is no retirement for stars like Dhoni. On his twitter account, he adds that Sania Mirza, Manoj Vajpayee, Kapil Sharma can also be involved in his nayi league.

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Summer Talk : Selecting Perfumes – Know your Notes

Perfumes have become an integral part of our daily life. Even talcum powders today carry perfume notes to make it grapefruitlingering and long lasting. How do we buy perfume? It is normally experience, hearsay or many times brand names not to mention the discount sales and offers. Do you know if the perfume is what you want or if it suits you? We use a tester to check out the perfume to buy and to the surprise of all, it is not the right way to purchase a perfume.

 Here we are getting down to the basics to help you understand perfumes and its constituents. If you are the kind who loves to make your own perfumes. we also start you off with simple DIY perfumes.

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Fruit Shop in Chennai – Know These Fruits

Of late, if you visit any of the big vegetable marts such as Pazhamudhir Nilayam or Pazhamudhir Cholai, you can see many fruits that are not local produce. So Chennai Focus decided to look for the fruits and get across some information for the discerning few who would want to attempt buying these fruits. The most common ones are passionfruit, soursop, durian, naranjilla, rambutan, dragon fruit to name a few.

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