Talking Parrot –Gather More Information, Do Research before Buying a Home

Buying a home is an ambitious dream of every household and a shelter of our own is a common term found in discussions. Owning a home cannot be a one time over the counter decision. It involves discussions on money, convenience, expectations to arrive at the basic idea of how a home should be and this is the starting point. With homes being offered right from heart of the city to outskirts, we have so much information to digest, visit, think, analyze and it is practically impossible to go and visit every project in the desired area to know what is in store for us.

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India Enters Another Technology Revolution with 4G Services by Airtel

Mobile revolution has taken us into its wings and before we could decipher what those jargons were, we started flying with it. If we look back and see, terms such as 2G, 3G, 4G, mobile data, GSM, SMS. MMS has just flown into our vocabulary and with least understanding of the terms, we are subscribers to it and enjoy what the product is as defined by our service provider or the salesperson. It could even be our friend who has suggested to us to go for 3G since it is better than 2G and also advised us to go for a 4G mobile if we are planning to buy one.

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Blogging Reaches a New High – Global Speakers on Blogging in Indiblogger’s BNLF Blogging Conference in Mumbai

BNLFBlogging started its journey long time ago and has been the voice of many in the worldwide web silently doing its job by giving meaningful information to its visitors but sadly many of such visitors cannot distinguish between a blog and a site even today. Bloggers write for the passion and have a voice, a character and add personal thoughts and vibes to the matter being written. This unsung heroes who have been instrumental in imparting much needed information and sharing experiences did not get recognized as much as they should have. Being one in this community, this has been in our thoughts for quite a long time. Of late, we are seeing blogger meets and recognition of bloggers contribution by brands and more understanding by netizens on the concept of blogging. This post is on a bloggers event, you can call it meet or conference or meeting of minds or any word that befits this, but we would call it as an event to celebrate blogging. In serious terms, it is the Most Disruptive Blogging Conference in the World. :)

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Coca Cola Aims to Reach the Roots with the WASH PROGRAM Initiative


Have we ever wondered why is it that even though two thirds of the earth is engulfed in water, only 3% of it is consumable? Further, it is the abuse of the available trifle of consumable water that is cause for concern for every one of us. Further, sanitation has been a gripping problem for most developing as well as third world countries in the world. Poor sanitation leads to unknown health degradation and the world is heading towards an endless crusade against these diseases. Probably one every month and also probably, a new virus is emerging out of nowhere as we speak.

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My Home – Splash of Love in the Traditional Way with a Touch of Modernity


My home is a lovely combination of beautiful minds working together sometimes and channeling their own way most of the times but yet there is harmony, peace and happiness. Such a beautiful place with warm interiors, I mean the hearts, deserves to have it physically too. We managed to have the construction done and made it up to the best of our abilities but still there is always that missing element, the finesse. Ours is an independent home with open space and constructed space. My idea of #HomeCanvas for the Transform and Upload activity by Godrej Interio is not extravagant yet pretty to accommodate every teeny bit of belonging etched in each square feet of space.

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Search for Idlis and Its Fairy Tale Ending


Food to many brings back nostalgic memories of the past, its aroma brings back thoughts of grandma cooking her specialties for the festival or a function, mother’s special recipe and more. Though I am not the kind who would go after food, I do have my preferences in eating food items, a person with focus on quality than quantity or being choosy. Three of us were posted on an implementation work to Vadodara way back in 90s and I just got confirmation of my pregnancy. Since the project relied much on my abilities, I decided to go along. We lived in an apartment and had essentials to cook for ourselves. Gujarati food is too good and balanced and I enjoyed eating all kind of food there. Added advantage was most of the restaurants in Vadodara were vegetarian.

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Entering the Italian Cuisine Boundary with Boiled Chifferi Rigati Vegetable Rich Salad

This post and activity is the witness to my transition from a traditional home-grown cook to an amateur cook ready to experiment with international dishes with a twist that so innately represents the dish yet suited to Indian palates. If this effort is not done, my garbage bucket has a huge mouth to gobble up every morsel that comes its way. I am sure I am not alone. In one of my conversation with a Chinese cook ( He is from China but living in India for quite a long time), he mentioned that the Chinese dishes we eat here is nowhere near the Original dishes and the noodles and fried rice have been ‘Indianized’ to appeal to our taste. This was a shocking revelation to me since I thought and believed that I was consuming Chinese dishes. So every foreign recipe entering India undergoes a transition to suit Indian palate and hence we see ‘Tandoori Pizza’, (Italians must try this!) and ‘Paneer Tikka Burger’ (Do Americans know this?) etc.

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What Kids Today Miss Out – Having Fun and Friends without Inhibitions


I was excited to write on this topic when I was asked to write for #BachpanWithFlinto blogger contest. This gave me an opportunity to rewind and delve deep in my childhood memories. Remembering the good old days, my first thought goes to the times of fun we had without bothering about our age or studies or anything that matters to children today. It was our own world, a beautiful world without any inhibitions. Vijaya, my playmate and friend with whom I had the best of fun comes to my mind. Vijaya was almost the same age as me and was working as a babysitter (well, I never knew this term till the millennium). Vijaya’s mother worked as a maid servant and would do all the household chores while Vijaya will assist aunty in taking care of the child.

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Unboxing the Data Speed Highway – Moving from 3G to 4G


Airtel launches 4G nationally with a Television Commercial today. Trial run of 4G was already on with customers given a Free 4G SIM. Yes, you are right. We were given a 4G SIM free which was delivered to our home on request. I have heard of high speed internet in the US and always wondered if it will be a possible in our country too. Airtel 4G promises us the capability to experience lightning speeds and something more for all of us. In my experience, it was quite good only that we got so excited with the speed that we ended up watching about 5 movies in a day.

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Our First IndiBlogger Meet, Courtesy #FlipkartImageSearch, in Bengaluru


Blogger meets are fun and it takes the level of blogging to the next level. Who wants to be always in virtual space, it is nice to meet those bloggers we read and adore face to face and get to know them and what more if it is an event where you get to meet all of them under one roof.  To us, it was more than just attending the event because we were travelling from Chennai to Bengaluru to be a part of this meet and our travel was dedicated exclusively to this event. It was quite thrilling as it was our first Indiblogger meet and we were a big bundle of anticipation as to what to expect from the meet and if we would be comfortable as even the IB team in person was new to us.

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Hair Streaking, Heady Experience Promising to be Colorful


It’s the new rage for the fashion conscious yet the unknown seems to be keeping the Uber fashionistas away from it. I am talking about hair coloring, oh No! that isn’t the word, color streaking, well it can also be highlights. This post is about the paranormal experience I had to go about the process of getting the color on the hair. It is worthwhile talking about the discussions we had before embarking on the actual process. Though this may sound exaggerated, it is no way an underestimation. Let us start off from the discussion phase of the demand for coloring the hair.

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Brother Sister Relationship Knows No Bounds


Relationship between a Brother and a Sister is a bondage which immediately brings in thoughts of sibling rivalry. It is a love hate relationship that made waves of loud screams and sweet giggles throughout childhood only to strengthen further as a deep bondage that withstands time and distance. Many thanks to Indian Gifts Portal for giving me this opportunity to blog about and glorify this beautiful relationship at the time of Rakhi. As many of us will agree, this is one relationship that is always taken for granted by both the brother and the sister.

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