HomeBrook, Connecting Real People


A home is made of hearts and a house is made of bricks. A house attains fulfillment only when it is a home filled of people of all generations, old and new, I meant the grandmothers and grandfathers and grandchildren too. I envy the days when living together was the order of the day. Not the living together in today’s context, but the concept of kith and kin families making a living under the same roof.  When I was asked to write about the things I need to lead a happy life such that each moment is celebration, all I could dream of is a home, HomeBrook, with huge open space and a garden with fruit yielding trees with an exclusive area for variety of rose beds, a small stream and few pets and our whole family living in it. I could dedicate this fantasy of mine to the frugal living space we get living in apartments without much liberty in having our own garden or pets. Given today’s scenario, this may be farfetched but yet I would prefer a home with more space, a library and a private terrace for a garden.

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Speaking Parrot: Winner is Good Concept with Matching Video Quality

The cricket fever is ON and everywhere you see Blue, Yellow, Red, and Flaming Orange T-Shirts either as posters or as T-Shirts. When it is IPL, it is not only Cricket but lots of activities. Brands jump on the bandwagon to release advertisements with Cricket stars or associate with the event to grab the attention of the huge Cricket loving crowd not only in India but abroad too.

This is the time where any event in the evening or night receives minimum attendance and event managers make sure that the event is not happening on a day the home team is playing. Cricket and that too IPL has become a rage and Pepsi, the title sponsor of the event is not to be left behind. Pepsi announced contest #CrashThePepsiIPL that encouraged amateurs to attempt creating an Ad for Pepsi. The finalists are judged by a heavy weight jury and displayed during the matches replacing the original advertisement.

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My Experience with The Daily Heckle


To the bloggers fraternity, I would like to share my blogging experience with a site called The Daily Heckle. I stumbled on this site during one of my usual search for a blogger platform that will help me launch my writing to International audience.

I had tried registering myself with many sites and blogger networks and it just turned out that the registered sites accept writers from specific countries only. In few other cases where I got an opportunity to write, the topics were too country specific and I could not connect with the same. This is probably the reason why the networks restrict the bloggers to certain countries.

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Review of Dominos Pizza and its Offerings

Every kid or an adult, who hears the word PIZZA, screams DOMINOS and recollects the last time he ate and yearns for thedominos next time. Dominos has carved a niche in the pizza delivery empire with experience of more than 8 years of existence in India Dominos has created new techniques and innovations which distinguishes itself from other leading pizza chains. With the help of thoughtful advertisements and promotions, Dominoes strives to be one of the leading pizza joints in the world.

Dominos Pizza can be ordered online or with the app or using the traditional method of calling. It gives amazing offers when we order using the internet. For your information, the largest Hindi News Provider, Patrika supports 27coupons which offers lots of coupons for Dominos. For online orders, remember to use the Pizza Slot Machine because it actually works and gives us exciting offers too.

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Review: Let’s Do This- An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Knowing When to Quit Your Day Job

Have we ever wondered how it would actually feel like to be your own boss? How is it that you end up becoming oneletsdothis from being a well-paid employee? It is the crux behind the selective self-help book titled Let’s Do This- An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Knowing When to Quit Your Day Job. Written by A J Johnston, this is a live account of how a highly successful working couple made a mountain out of a molehill with their entrepreneurial venture. With feel good style of writing and looking every bit an experience, many career-focused couples with a budding entrepreneurial idea would do well to consider this a learner’s guide as to how to effective initiate the process, if not follow it to the dot.

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Is Saving 500 Lives a Appreciable Feat?

In the world where information is everywhere and so easily accessible, many things go unseen. The comfort of having access to information at a click of a mouse or tap of the mobile phone has made us selective about what we want to read. Though it does give us our freedom to choose what we read, we do miss those finer points that go beyond our self missing out the ones who be in the news for the positive approach, courage and bravery. Maybe this is the reason why media resorts to sensationalism to draw our attention but unfortunately for the wrong reasons. So in short, welcome to be introduced to the simple and beautiful faces  lost in the information jungle.

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Review of Kaidi Kitchen Vegetarian Restaurant


Chennai Focus visited Kaidi Kitchen, a vegetarian themed restaurant located in Bishop Wallers Avenue, (Opp. to Savera Hotel), Chennai.

Ambience: it is a jail themed restaurant with the waiters and the supervisors dressed like cellmates and jail wardens respectively. There are tables outside the cell ambience with a prison feel and decor. We sat in the normal tables. The restaurant has a live Mocktail bar but there wasn’t much of activity and felt uninviting and more like a shop. From the entrance to the tables, everything is carefully set so as to give a feeling of dining in a jail.

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End of the Road for Acne Problems


In the ever increasing competitiveness of the working landscape for the people of today’s era, everyone has to face numerous obstacles, right from maintaining physical personality to numerous other things. Challenges and tribulations that have no panacea stare us at the face. One important visual aberration neither the man nor the woman can do with is the acne problems he or she gets to bear almost constantly. It is this problem that is the core purpose behind Facingacne.com, a website offering people a guide to go about facing acne problems with grit.

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Food Corner: Cycles Stage a Come Back in Chennai


Chennai, of late is experiencing a boom in cycle sales. It is surprising as we are seeing a dip in the cost of petrol and in an ideal situation, it must be more of bikes and cars. Looking at the other side of it, seeing the traffic of Chennai, probably a cyclist finds it easy going to reach short destinations in lesser time. For the health and fitness, conscious people, it serves two purpose, travelling and also exercising without sparing time in the daily rigorous schedule. Chennai Focus saw many varieties of cycles in the cycle showrooms in Chennai, showing off their best with larger space and range.

Catching on the rage of themed restaurants coming up in the city,  India’s first cycling cafe, Ciclo opens in Chennai. This sounds to be a good marketing technique which will drive business think tank to look at various ways of reaching the customers.

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Mystic Speak : Pilgrimage to Kailash, Kedarnath, BadriNath, CharDham

kailash yatra

Shree Manimahesh Travels organizes religious and adventure tours to many places such as Kailash, Amarnath, Char Dham, Kedarnath, Badrinath and more. For the adventure seekers, we have Jeep / Bike Safari Tours.

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5 Reasons Why I #CantWait4Zenfone2 and How it Fits My Requirement

ASUS  Zenfone 2 is my dream phone as I am a travel addict who loves to capture nature at its best. I had used many smart phones with their own intelligent features but finding a phone that caters to my need was a Himalayan task.

Reason Number 1brandcover

The smart phones I had were limited in their memory. Since I love to experiment with apps, I faced many issues related to memory and in particular virtual world based apps. Another issue I faced with the smart phones I had was related to speed.  They were becoming slower as time passed and needed more response time to switch between a screen to another. ASUS  Zenfone 2 comes with a 4GB RAM which is more than adequate to have my set of apps that keeps running in the background.

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Review of Vegetarian Weight Loss by Jonathan Vine

UntitledVegetarian Weight Loss by Jonathan Vine is an informative book which motivates you to follow a vegetarian diet, a tool that can help in loosing that extra flab you want to get rid of.

The book starts with the explanation of different classification of vegetarians and moves on to tell you what becoming a vegetarian involves and also about the food you should consume and things you should avoid.

Only a few of us are aware of the fact that vegetarians are not vegans. Vegans are people who neither use animal products nor consume them. But vegetarian do consume animal products like milk and use wool and silk. This book informs you about the differences between vegans and vegetarians also. It explains the health benefits of becoming a vegetarian; it reduces risk of cancer and high blood pressure, and proves it with stats and numbers.

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