Astute Product Marketing Strategy through Innovative Social Media Campaigns

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Social media has evolved from being mere contact platforms to innovative business marketing tools. It poses a greater challenge for brands to reach out and be noticed by people in a platform where it takes just few seconds for a user to get drowned in the ocean of news feed, targeted messages and advertisements. Nevertheless, it is a powerful tool and it needs sharp thinking and innovative campaigns by the marketing team to get the talk trending in social media. Trending and staying as a talked about topic is a mantra to better exposure and possible success. To keep the social media guessing and to sustain interest, celebrities are roped in by the brands to launch the product. As in the case of everything that gets overexposed, celebrity launches have also become order of the day and the hype around it subdued.

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Connect with Your Teenage Kids

Every teenager goes through Adolescence, a period of confusion trying to identify if (s)he is a kid or an adult. This is the period where (s)he requires encouragement, understanding and guidance from parents. It is not only a metamorphosis to children but also to the parents who are quite used to thinking them as kids. Most of us forget that we too had gone through the same phase those days and the way we searched for our identity. Teenagers exhibit both behaviors; parents just cannot determine when they will act as a kid or as an adult.


The best way to help them in this phase is to take the role of a friend (no advice please) and listen to them without passing judgments. Their first confidante should be the parents. I know it is easy to say but difficult to follow, but when you do, it does work wonders to you and your child psyche. It gives you an opportunity to recollect your days as a teenager and makes you youthful thinking about all those little moments of togetherness and fun with friends. This also gets you to connect with your teenager and talk to them at their level and also subtly influence them into right way of approaching life. This is one of the crucial periods where they face issues much different from what they have seen in life till date. Remember, parents do serve as a reference and many times their actions and reactions are based on the values instilled in them by the family.

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For a Change, Mobiles De-stress Not Distress

Stress and mobiles are two subjects found in common while talking with youngsters and adults these days. It is a common notion that technology has made life difficult leading to stressful situations. Mobiles once sought out to be a boon to reach out people anywhere and everywhere anytime is now seen as a disturbance. It is also true that mobiles have brought in a  24 X 7 work culture and has bypassed ethics to intrude into each others privacy at odd times. This is only one side of the story.

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A Deep Unfathomable Relationship with My Dad

It was Father’s day 2015 and social media was streaming with messages, thank you notes and memories old and new. The same time, I also saw posts on awareness about elder abuse and the need to care for our own father, mother and grandparents. Our culture roots on ‘Matha Pitha Guru Deivam’, a salient learning that every one of us does in our kindergarten to inculcate the basics of giving respect to our parents, followed by teachers first and then God. So for Indians, it is Mother’s day, Father’s day every day.

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Dance Beyond Boundaries


Cricket is synonymous with dance and music today.  Watch any T20 match and you see cheerleaders dancing their way to glory for every boundary or six of the respective team. Needless to say, the music sets the ball rolling and the audience sways to the moves and the music.  The stage is set for the big match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and the Mumbai Indians teams and though it is one of the league matches, it is a decider match played to finalize who will set foot into the play offs. In short, a T20 cricket match comparable to the finals being played in Hyderabad to a stadium full of fans eager to see the home team, Sunrisers making it to the play-offs and finals too.

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Nioxin Hair System 5 Experience


This is a followup post of our earlier post on Nioxin Launch in Chennai.  I got the Nioxin 5 system with a Cleanser , Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner and Scalp Treatment for normal to thin looking , medium to coarse hair and could be used on both natural and chemically treated hair.  My first experience with the system mainly was on the feel I had when I applied it to the hair. The smell was refreshing and the hair felt lighter and richer. I followed the instructions and concentrated mainly on the scalp unlike the regular shampoos where I work on the hair rather than the scalp. This Nioxin system is addictive and since I was advised to use it on alternate days, it was so refreshing that I really felt I was missing it on the other day I was not using it.

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Go Natural with Ayurveda

Instantaneous results are the expectation today but many of us do not realize the ill effects of the chemicals added into our daily use creams and lotions since this can be felt only on prolonged use. In many cases such effects are irreversible. Go Natural is what the world is chanting today and here we are sharing few of the age-old secrets got through word of mouth through octogenarian and grand mothers proudly flaunting their clear skin with just those age related signs. Youthful skin can be owned by young and old alike with just few home-made ingredients.

We see a lot of our teens today suffering from pimples, acne and even bursts of blackheads. A simple remedy for them is presented here. We belong to a generation when VICCO Turmeric Cream, Boroline and Cuticura ruled our daily skin treatment. Today at 40+, our generation still flaunts baby skin and a face that every teen of this day is jealous of. Fortunately, this is not magic. Just a bit of patience and regular use can do wonders to any skin with problems or sheer maintenance. Here is my all natural home-made powder to make a mask for a flawless skin.

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Luxury Dining – Indulgence to Experience the Exquisite with Haagen-Dazs

IMG_20150529_110419Ours is an experience of a different kind, a craving to indulge in something exquisite. Our shopping spree in a mall is a combination of shopping necessities, would be programs of shopping and window shopping. There is one more new term we coined to add to the mall event, window slurping. With mall culture catching up, real estate inside it has become too pricey and so many cafe, juice lounges find a place to put a kiosk in the open areas in the mall to cater to the elite shopping crowd. Now with the cinema theatres finding their way into the malls, people from all walks of life find the mall interesting as a hangout.  Coming to the main topic, window slurping taken after window shopping is having a look at those upmarket food brand kiosks with exclusive menu items and whopping price tags and the people having a go at it. Pricey restaurants always get a visit when there is a celebration and it is a way we made sure our window slurping is converted to yummy tummy without those pangs of guilt.

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Book Review : Enduring by Michelle Leigh – Sequel to Surviving Novel Reviewed Earlier


Enduring by Michelle Leigh is a sequel to Surviving novel we reviewed earlier.

Surviving ended with a cliffhanger, the last scene being Trace Alexander, Emma’s boyfriend alias her boss confessing his feelings for her in front of an unconscious Emma, shot in the stomach by her father as a punishment for leaving him.

This book is all about Trace’s efforts to save the woman he loves from the clutches of her father who was still at large having escaped after shooting her. It was interesting to see the ways Trace employs to keep her secure right from keeping her in his high security condo to hiring a personal bodyguard to protect her.

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Book Review: Surviving by Michelle Leigh

surving ebook picture

Surviving by Michelle Leigh is a romantic novel with few thriller elements and a generous helping of sacrifice, betrayal, friendship and more. The story begins with the childhood of Emma and her twin brother Danny and the hardships they underwent due to the earlier demise of their mother and the miserable time they have with their father.

Six years later, Emma joins as a temporary assistant in one of the most prestigious companies in the country, Alexander Marketing Corporation. She reports to the Head of the Department of Sales, Jack Stewart. This sets the story rolling and her life undergoes a change to begin a roller coaster ride.

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Edelweiss Tokio Life CritiCare+ Scores a Plus in 3 Important Areas

Think of term life insurance and we have so many options offering different permutations and combinations. We also have specific products getting launched every now and then. Buying an insurance plan is a long term decision and the first step would be to list out the priorities and choose a few of the companies and the products suitable for the requirements.There are many ways to select insurance products and one such way is checking out online insurance portals such as PolicyBazaar where important features of the products are compared for our convenience. Though the comparison lists out the benefits offered by many insurance providers, there are few important features that must be analyzed before finalizing an insurance plan.

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Chennai Female Bloggers in Nioxin Now in India Launch with BlogAdda


Chennai Focus had the pleasure of getting invited to the launch of Nioxin in Chennai, India. Chennai Bloggers were invited to the event and it was an all ladies meet. The Chennai launch was at Bounce Salon in Nungambakkam High Road, Ispahani centre.

Nioxin is the world’s #1 in providing solution to Hair thinning and seems to be holding its position for the past 13 years. There was a presentation of the product by the P&G Nioxin representative, Ms.Daisy who explained the concept behind the product. It was interesting to note that Nioxin was not aimed at instant gratification by cosmetic methods but was focused more towards improving the Scalp condition. Understandably the process of scalp revival is not an overnight process. To suit the various conditions of the scalp, there are 6 treatments available and is given based on consultation.

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